This site was launched April 15, 1998. It hasn't developed much since, mostly due to massive other responsibilities at work and at home. (Like being father to one of the newest Heimbachs.)
However, as of 26 February, 2004, has CHANGED SERVERS -- we're now hosted by IX WEBHOSTING.

What will this mean? In short, about ten times the latitude I had with my previous host.
1 - For those of you who have written to me over the years asking for an eMail address ending in "", I can now provide one for you, for a VERY small annual fee. More details will follow as I learn my way around this new space.
2 - I have far greater ability to control scripts and other mechanisms which I'd always hoped to deploy to AUTOMATE the addition of genealogical information on this site.
3 - I might even be able to (within the next year - not next week...) allow interested parties to create their own 'mini-sites' attached to this webspace, again for a fee which I'll try to keep both competitive and NOMINAL, thanks to a pretty cool hosting package. Site URLS would look like this: []

Please address all comments (and suggestions on possible features) to Paul Heimbach, Domain Webmaster .